Buddhist 49-Day Ceremony for Those Slain at Pulse 

In the early 90s, a group of people interested in creating a community of spiritual inquiry in West Orange County began meeting on a regular basis to explore teachings from the world’s wisdom traditions in an atmosphere of inclusiveness, openness and the willingness to embrace spiritual training in a mutually reinforcing and welcoming group setting.

As the group evolved, the teachings and tradition of Vietnamese Buddhist monk and Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh resonated as a foundation. Today, the Fish Lake Sangha (“Sangha” means community of practice) is affiliated with the Order of Interbeing, and welcomes anyone interested in participating in the practice of mindfulness. In the wake of the killings at the Pulse nightclub we bow deeply asking for your support to transform the roots of fear, anger and delusion in our community and the world.

On July 31 at 3:00 pm, we will perform a traditional 49-Day Ceremony at The Center for Pranic Healing, 619 North Thornton Avenue, Orlando, FL 32803. Parking is available in the lot immediately north of the fenced-in location which has signs stating “Colonial Photo and Hobby-No Parking.”

It is OK to park there as that is the Center’s landlord. You may bring a cushion. There will also be folding chairs with seat cushions, floor cushions, blankets and plenty of floor space.

Traditionally, the period of 49 days after someone dies is seen as a time for that person to check their consciousness and process their karma. We don’t really know what happens when we die, but the Buddha taught that there is no birth-no death, no coming-no going, no self-no other. These apparent opposites are actually a misperception on our part.

The big meaning of a 49-day ceremony is to bring our awareness to the continuance of the people who have passed, to offer them our continued support for their awakening and to wake ourselves up here and now. Whenever anybody dies, they are teaching us that we must wake up, because our lives only occur in this moment.

The ceremony will consist of guided sitting meditation, chanting of traditional verses, and the mindful recitation of the names of the people killed with the intention that they continue as awakened beings. In our practice, we do not discriminate and we will include the name of the man who committed the killings with the same intention because an awakened being who has transcended grasping, aversion and indifference would not ever commit such an act. We welcome anyone who would like to join us for this ceremony. If you have questions, please email ballen@ideasorlando.com