Prayer: Florida House

Prayer, Florida House of Representatives, 3-12-2014

Fulwider, BryanBy Bryan Fulwider

We call you by many names, and come to you through many traditions.  Yet, in our  deepest heart of understanding we trust that you are one.

And so, we are called to find unity, even in our great diversity.

As we gather in this hallowed chamber, may each legislator here know that the work set before them is truly sacred work.  For each one here is called upon to work with diligence and honor on behalf of all of the people of our great state.

The work can at times be vexing, seemingly even beyond the wisdom of Solomon, with decisions that sometime seem impossible.  I pray for each of these – my sisters and brothers – an increased portion day by day of spiritual wisdom.

Help them take time for thoughtful and considered reflection on the decisions they are called upon to make.  Give them the unique ability to envision a state rich in compassion and concern for all of her citizens.  Then empower them to craft legislation to serve that majestic vision.

Teach each one of us again the way of humility and grace.  Open our hearts and minds to ways that we can truly serve and care for those who are most vulnerable and fragile among us.  Help our ears to hear and our eyes to see those who are too often without voice and who are too easily invisible to us.

Guide these women and men who have committed to serve in this extraordinary way in behalf of all of us, that they may indeed become, “repairers of the breach, and restorers of streets fit to live in.”

Finally, this work can be exhausting of heart and mind and soul.  So, when the work of the day is done give them restful sleep, that with each dawning day they may awaken refreshed in spirit, and renewed in vigor to do well, and to do good, always.


The Rev. Bryan Fulwider is president of the nonprofit Building US, one of “The Three Wise Guys” on the Orlando-based public radio program “Friends Talking Faith,” and chair of the executive committee of the Interfaith Council of Central Florida.