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–> THANK YOU SO MUCH for your recent Sentinel column. I have been perplexed for so long about the apparent difficulty for most Christian ministers to present a nondenominational prayer or invocation. It is just a matter of commonsense and common courtesy–which I am betting the Supreme Court will lack, in a typical 5-4 decision. Sigh.

Thank you again.

Best regards,

John S. Schoene, Esq., Nov. 6, 2013


–> I READ YOUR OPINION PIECE in today’s newspaper and was moved to send you a thank you. It seems many American Christians have lost sight of the fact that separation of church and state is for their protection of religious freedom just as much as it is to protect my rights to freedom from religion as an atheist. We atheists can point this out loudly–and we do–but I am sure it is much better received from one Christian to another.

I especially want to thank you for including agnostics and atheists specifically, and therefore not limiting the discussion to just people of other faiths. A lack of belief in God isn’t a lack of values. We feel just as strongly about our personal principles as the religious do.

Thank you for acknowledging this. Congratulations on a great piece!

Tabitha Zangre, Nov 5, 2013


–> I AM WRITING TO THANK YOU for your wise and rational commentary in yesterday’s Orlando Sentinel regarding promoting peace in our community. Thanks for being the voice of reason at a time when radical and unpopular beliefs and activities are encouraged by small groups who don’t represent the majority opinion. It is my hope that those of us who disdain violence and wish to promote cooperation and goodwill among our neighbors will continue to speak out. It is time to revisit those laws that have made Florida the laughingstock of the nation and make the changes needed so we can again be proud of what our community represents.

Nancy Squillacioti, Aug 8, 2013


–> VERY THOUGHTFUL AND extremely well-written guest column in the Orlando Sentinel.

William Shallcross, Aug 8, 2013


–> I READ YOUR ARTICLE on Stand Your Ground in the Orlando Sentinel. Very insightful. The Sentinel published (on July 19, 2013) an article I wrote on the same subject.

The concept of justifiable use of deadly force was formulated by British judges (most of whom were clergy – they were the only ones who were literate) during the Middle Ages. They determined that it is better for a potential victim to retreat from a situation if the retreat would not increase danger to the victim. They decided it is better to lose face than for the aggressor to lose his life.

The law of justifiable use of deadly force was in effect for hundreds of years. Don’t ask me why, but the Florida Legislature decided it needed to be changed in 2005. The new law was very poorly conceived. I have not heard a single reason why the change was necessary.

One of the bad provisions about the law is the possibility of a judge acquitting a defendant before trial. I have been a trial judge for over 27 years, and I respect juries. Why take the issue of self-defense away from the jury?

Judge O. H. Eaton, Jr., Aug 8, 2013


–> I WAS DELIGHTED TO READ your guest column in the Orlando Sentinel yesterday. Very balanced and reasonable. Thanks for speaking out with such good commonsense. We needed that and more of the same. I am going to share your column with my state legislators and Governor Scott, along with some personal thoughts about the “wild west” attitudes all too prevalent (and protected) in our society.

Leslie Wilkinson, Aug 8, 2013


–> WOULD YOU ALLOW ME TO COPY some content from the articles you’ve posted? Thanks.

Clyde Byrne, Aug 1, 2013

[Yes. You’re welcome to utilize, either in full or in part, any material we’ve posted, provided appropriate credit is given to both the writer and the website of the Interfaith Council of Central Florida. If the material first appeared somewhere else, and our website has reposted it, give credit to the writer and the original publication/posting site.]


–> VERY NICE WORK BEING DONE. It is my first time to this site. I am associated with WHYISLAM Organization. Can you add this website to your system. http://WWW.WHYISLAM.ORG . Looking forward to work with interfaith groups.

Mohiuddin Syed, Jan 29, 2013


–> A VERY COMPREHENSIVE WEBSITE that is continuing to grow bigger and better over time.

M.W. McDonough, Jun 18, 2012


–> YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB for interfaith relations. Keep up the good work! Please add the web site for our Mandir to your Hindu link. We are located in Orlando at 8406 Clarcona Ocoee Rd.

Harnauth Sewsanker, Apr 10, 2012