Invocation: Mayor’s Community Summit

Invocation at Mayor’s Neighborhood and Community Summit, February 10, 2018

JimCoffinBy James Coffin

My invocation this morning will take the form of a reflection rather than a traditional prayer.

I invite you to reflect with me on the nature of our community and on our purpose for being here today.

Orlando is made up of young and old, those with different levels of education, those in different socioeconomic groupings, those from an array of racial and ethnic backgrounds, those with different religions and no religion, those with different political allegiances—in fact, the lines of demarcation are legion.

However, while acknowledging these differences, we also recognize that true community consists not in sameness, but in an overarching cohesion that embraces diversity, seeks common ground, and works unitedly to make life better for all.

Today we’ve gathered to learn about the resources that can help us in our quest for community betterment. To hear about the best practices that have been tried and have proven effective. To engage in conversation with others who share our commitment to e pluribus unum.

Our goal in coming here is to go away more knowledgeable, more committed to making a difference, and more respectful toward the concerns of all.

May harmony reign. May a can-do spirit prevail. May our vision of what’s possible be expanded exponentially. And may we remember that there’s no limit to what can be accomplished if we’re not worried about who gets the credit.

May this and much more be our reality today.

Thank you.