Prayer/Reflection: OCPS State of Our Schools Address

JimCoffin(May 23, 2013)

By James Coffin

I invite you to join me for a brief reflection on why we are here:

We are here because we care about the children and youth of Orange County.

May we encounter here . . .

  • a candid assessment of the challenges and opportunities faced by Orange County Pubic Schools,
  • an encouraging report of what’s being achieved,
  • an exhilarating vision for addressing the challenges that remain.

May we remember that improved facilities and new programs–though good and necessary–are not ends in themselves; the ultimate measure of success is the effective education of our students.

May we recognize that success must be a collective effort involving:

  • school board
  • administration
  • teachers
  • support staff
  • parents
  • extended families
  • other government agencies
  • community organizations
  • in fact, the entire community–which means all of us.

May we take seriously our responsibility to ensure that today’s students are appropriately equipped to lead tomorrow’s world.

James Coffin is executive director of the Interfaith Council of Central Florida.