Sikh Links

SikhNet is an excellent and authentic source for all things related to Sikhism–especially as it’s being lived out in everyday life in the United States. This is more of a Sikh current-events and current-issues site than a research site where one will find extended treatises on Sikh beliefs and history. It’s more about Sikh belief being put into practice.

Harvard University’s Pluralism Project has for more than twenty years been systematically collecting and collating information and resources about various faith traditions. Whether you’re seeking a quick overview, an in-depth analysis or a varied collection of items about Sikhism, this is a good place to start.

BBC on Sikhism. The BBC religion website has an excellent, simple, compact, easy-to-read overview of Sikhism. After looking at the religion “at a glance,” you can peruse succinct material about beliefs; customs; ethics; history; holy days; people; rites and rituals.

The Patheos Religious Library provides a well-organized, well-presented, comprehensive overview of various faith traditions and the subsections within the faith traditions. For a good introduction to Sikhism’s origins, history, beliefs rituals and worship, and ethics and community, check out

Resources: Sikh Movies. The website/blogsite Sikhswim has a list of movies, along with brief descriptions, concerning Sikhism. Most of the movies need to be purchased on DVD. However, some are viewable online.

Real Sikhism provides a more heartfelt presentation of the Sikh faith tradition than many websites that are more academic and definitional. This sites includes a nice arrangement of memorable sayings of the gurus, testimonies of current Sikhs and spiritual heroic stories that have been handed down from one generation to the next over the centuries. It’s a broad-ranging flesh-and-blood portrayal of Sikhism–as well as providing more academic discourses.

The Harmony Project website contains a section called “Sacred Paths,” which examines some fourteen faith traditions. The presentation of each faith includes an overview essay, written by someone familiar with that faith tradition but not necessarily an adherent. It also includes interviews with adherents, who talk candidly about their faith journey. There also are recommended books for further study. For Sikhism, go to

Who Are the Sikhs? Just in case you’re not quite sure how the Sikhs fit into the religious milieu, I’m providing a link to something that’s both informative and hilarious, titled “Sikhs vs Sheiks: Can’t We All Just Get Along?” It’s from “Totally Biased,” with W. Kamau Bell (Thursdays at 11:00 pm on FX).

Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund. The Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF), the oldest Sikh American civil rights and educational organization, exists to empower Sikh Americans through advocacy, education and media. The website ( provides a variety of resources and information that would be of interest both to Sikhs and to those trying to learn more about the Sikhs.  There is particular focus on civil rights and religious-liberty rights that Sikhs may face because of their religious customs. Any comprehensive search for resource material related to Sikhs should include a stop at this website.